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Features list

Postcard mode

Inlay your image in a beautiful and sunny postcard background.
You can move around (In Real Life) and watch your virtual YOU moving as well.

Try to move in circle around the girl in the picture.

Other modes

  • Inlay the girl in the real world
  • Be teleported in a luxury kitchen

Keyboard shortcuts

  • M: activate Postcard mode: You and a girl on the beach
  • Shift+M: You and the girl in your place
  • Ctrl+M: simple video stream from Kinect
  • B: Use the beach as a virtual environment
  • Shift-B: Use a kitchen as a virtual environment
  • Up/Down: adjust camera tilt
  • Z/Q/S/D: adjust contour offset
  • Shift+ Z/Q/S/D: adjust size of the contour
  • PageUp/PageDown: move back or forth the distance at which you change plan (behind/in front)
  • R: restore previous settings (since last run)
  • Shift+R: restore default settings (bullet proof settings)
  • T: display FPS, contour settings, raw color video stream from kinect

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